Ever changing designs and technical challenges of larger, heavier, more sensitive and intricate electronic, semiconductor, aerospace and medical equipment require state-of-the-art heavy lift rigging and the experience to provide precision rigging services specific to each industry.

Legacy rigging and installation teams are stationed around the country and respond to needs of clients all over the world. They are trained in a range of applications from large medical treatment systems to the newest digital projection systems, satellite systems and other specialized equipment.

Our installation teams are specially trained for on-site wiring and final assembly so your technicians simply power-up for final tests and calibrations. We are sensitive and respectful of our role in representing your company to your customers, clinics and hospitals for medical equipment rigging. Legacy provides a thorough job, with the most professional and skillful execution.

Legacy's rigging services protocols include documented standard operating procedures for each step of the work. Adherence to safety measures and awareness of the specifics of each location are also important. From initial planning to final completion, Legacy's transportation and on-site installation professionals ensure the safe, efficient and timely implementation of your high-value products.

We also offer de-install services as your sites or equipment may change or be relocated.

Rigging services include:
  • Site inspections
  • Rigging and installation
  • De-installs of systems or entire fab rooms
  • Packaging disposal and recycling programs
  • Specializing in large, sensitive and high-value systems such as medical, clean room
  • Worldwide service

Project management services are available to oversee installation teams at multiple sites with a consistent process so your final testing and configuration work will be straightforward.

Contact us to discuss your rigging needs and how we can help.

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