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Green Initiatives

Legacy is "driving toward a cleaner future." It's our mission to work with customers, staff, and suppliers to make sustainable choices for reducing our impact on the environment. Our priorities are to limit energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible.

We strive for reduction in all areas, but our greatest impact is in emissions. To address that, we maximize fuel economy through vehicle maintenance, equipment choice, load optimization, and adherence to CARB emissions requirements. These measures improve fuel economy by over 5%, and reduce emissions by 7%.

As a California-based company, we adhere to the toughest emissions requirements in the nation. Our fleet also includes vehicles powered by biodiesel, reducing particulate matter as much as 17%. We recycle all metal, aluminum, cardboard, paper and electronic items - our own and for our customers. We recycle all oil, anti-freeze, filters and batteries.

And we encourage employees to bring in their recyclables. We conserve use of lighting and temperature control in our office buildings. In 2005 we began replacing forklifts in a move toward energy efficiency and now over half of our forklifts are electric.

Green Initiative
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