trailer styles
double expandable

These units offer approximately 1000 sq. ft.
of interior space, with two side pullout expansions, and often are configured with a dramatic entrance. Double expandable trailers offer excellent space for training as well as customer demonstrations and presentations of your newest technologies and equipment. This is one-on-one marketing that cannot be beat.

Legacy's in-house exhibit design and build team outfits each unit to meet your needs.

Key features include:

  • Available in 53' lengths with two pull
    out expansions
  • Interior is clear span with no interior
    walls or support columns
  • Interior temperature control for heat
    and AC
  • Electrical service
  • ADA wheelchair lift and accessibility
  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior flood lights
  • Single level event floor separate from front deck storage / utility area
  • Hydraulic expansion mechanism with
    bi-fold expansion floors
  • Hydraulic leveling legs
  • Air ride suspension

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