Monday, July 23, 2018

Innov8 Designs & Fabricates New Naturipe Exhibit

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Innov8 has designed and is fabricating a new custom 50×50 exhibit for Naturipe to be launched at PMA 18 in October 2018. This 20×20 section of the exhibit was displayed at CPMA 18 in April and was a big draw with lots of compliments on the design and build. The design combines old world charm with a farming theme and has modern elements as well.


Naturipe is celebrating over 100 years in business and is the largest blueberry grower in the world; they also grow other delicious berries and avocados. Naturipe wanted their new environment to be open and inviting with brand awareness and product placement for maximum exposure and ease of sampling. They also needed more meeting space and a double deck brings more rooms, sampling and display areas with plenty of storage.

Check us out at and let us know if we can help you with your exhibit needs.

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