Monday, March 30, 2015

Legacy Supports Dreamforce with Logistics Team

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Dreamforce is the largest software convention on the planet. The 2014 Salesforce event held in San Francisco drew more than 135,000 people at 18 different venues in and around the Moscone Convention Center. A number of nearby streets were closed as they were used for additional exhibitIon space and walkways. More than 400 customers and partners participated in the event as exhibitors.

Legacy’s role as logistics partner included strategic deliveries to the various venues days before the event opened. Legacy handled more than 65 truckloads, including the inflatable Hexagon Domes that covered Howard Street. The structure and flooring for the street took 6 full truckloads. When the Dome was fully inflated it measured the length of three football fields and was 60’ wide, and enclosed the exhibits on the street. It was an impressive structure that served as a centerpiece for Dreamforce.

Legacy team reps were on hand before, during and after the event to assure smooth transportation processes for exhibits and properties key to the success of Dreamforce.

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