Monday, November 3, 2014

Legacy’s Mobile Exhibit Program Offers Results

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One of Legacy’s mobile exhibit clients offers these comments about their tour and the professionalism of their Legacy tour operator:

“The two day event with the Big Rig was a complete success!! The client was thrilled to have the onsite presence with our rolling demo and marketing center in their parking lot. In addition to the planned training and executive meeting, we had many “walk ins” come thru the trailer and they were blown away!!

While we knew we would have a great training and a very good executive meeting thru the preparation we did, but there was one thing that I did not expect or plan for……the Legacy driver! I fully expected him to be the professional driver that he is, and ‘set up’ the trailer, but in addition to that he took full responsibility for:

  • Setting up each demo perfectly
  • Setting up the wireless access perfectly and making sure that anyone needing access had the necessary log on and passwords
  • Showing the walk ins how the equipment worked
  • Arranged the seating any way we wanted it to be
  • Proudly wearing our company shirt
  • Working as a professional greeter

He was much more than I expected and I am very pleased that he is taking our brand and technology on the road! He represented our company like he was an employee and a shareholder. I am looking forward to my next Big Rig stop knowing that this driver is at the wheel!!”

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