Monday, June 10, 2013

Should you Ship Your Trade Show Properties to the Advanced Warehouse or Direct to Show Site?

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Legacy can help you decide which choice is best for you. There are PROS and CONS to both methods:

Shipping to the Advanced Warehouse – PROS:

  • Your shipment will receive priority delivery to show site
  • If properties are coming from a previous show, Advanced allows free storage for 30 days. This eliminates having to send freight back or to a storage facility and shipping it out a second time – less handling and less cost.
  • You can schedule your labor start time knowing your booth should be there

Shipping to the Advanced Warehouse – CONS:

  •  Drayage rates can be higher because of double handling
  •  Higher risk of damage because of double handling
  •  Less prep time before show
  •  No pad wrapped or loose freight can be sent to the Advanced Warehouse

Shipping Direct to Show Site – PROS:

  • Interstate shipments utilizing Unigroup Logistics/Legacy Transportation will not incur waiting time charges!
  • Less handling of freight so less chance of damage
  • More prep time before show
  • Can ship pad wrapped and loose freight direct to show site
  • Drayage rates can be lower without double handling

Shipping Direct to Show Site – CONS:

  • No guaranteed delivery time to your booth site so it’s more difficult to schedule labor, because wait time can be very difficult to predict
  • Wait time fees can vary drastically and cannot be planned in advance (note: wait fee is waived on interstate shipments using Unigroup Logistics/Legacy Transportation)

Contact a Legacy customer service rep at 800-297-0990 to help you decide which option is best for your company, your show and shipment.

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