Monday, June 24, 2013

Legacy Protects Your Sensitive Products with Climate Control Trailers

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Legacy has a fleet of specialized climate controlled trailers for temperature sensitive shipments. You can specify the temperature and humidity range to be maintained during the entire trip. These units are specially equipped to control and continuously monitor the climate inside the trailer.

These trailers are equipped with climate control units as well as electronic sensors inside the trailer to keep tabs on interior environmental conditions. These sensors monitor, record and document temperature and humidity readings, then communicate this data to a satellite every 15 minutes. This information is tracked at Legacy and also is available to the customer. The sensors have a built-in warning system that will send an email and a text message to a cell phone if the environmental conditions fall out of the specified range. The driver is immediately notified to make necessary corrections.

These specialized trailers are used for transporting items such as fine art, high value collectibles and sensitive medical, aerospace or other electronic equipment. They are also used for transporting fine wine collections. Recently Legacy transported a large fine wine collection where the temperature was maintained between 68 and 72 degrees during several days of transit…and mission accomplished!

Do you have a need for a climate controlled trailer? Legacy also offers climate controlled storage at our Chicago facility. Please contact your account rep for more info or contact us here. If you prefer, we can be reached at 800-827-0900.

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