Monday, April 15, 2013

Legacy Tips the Scale!

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Our New Portable Scale Assures Accurate Weights Anywhere

Accurate weighing of your cargo is essential for air, ocean and ground shipments. This information is needed by Legacy to formulate our load plan for your shipment. Knowing weights in advance will also help you budget your shipping costs. Many companies do not have scales to weigh items before they leave a facility. Legacy’s new Portable Scale can be brought right to your facility where it can be used to weigh virtually any size piece you have. The scale system is small enough to fit into a 3′ x 3′ rolling case.

This scale can be used to weigh a piece as large as a 20′ ocean container or an automobile; it has a maximum load capacity of 17,000 lbs. Cargo is placed squarely on four weight pads which are connected to a computer. The individual weight of each corner is added to make the total weight. This information is transmitted to the computer attached to the pads, and can be printed out for Legacy as well as your company.

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