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A LEGACY customer discusses the portable road show cases designed and built by LEGACY to improve sales and save costs. LEGACY designed and built the cases as well as ships them to each demonstration location.

How did you demo your product prior to this? What was the problem these cases were designed to solve?
Most times the sales team members opted to take a single monitor hoping the customer would like it. Sometimes we hit the mark, and that monitor was exactly what the customer needed at the right price. But if that one monitor was not the best solution, we could only talk about other options. We couldn’t show them how another product better met their needs. If we were lucky, we’d get another chance to bring a different monitor later. But a lot of times we lost the sale. If instead we chose to bring several monitors, significant time and expense went into shipping and setup. We had to take over conference room space for half a day to setup for a demonstration, with wires and connectors everywhere. This made our products look difficult to use. And neither situation allowed us to showcase the full range of features and products.

Why did you choose this method? And how are the road cases being used?
After considering several methods, we chose the road cases. Legacy didn’t just give us the best option, they designed the perfect solution. Now instead of single-monitor demos, we have two sets of cases that travel throughout the U.S. to dealers and other customers. Legacy handles all of the scheduling to ensure the cases are where they need to be, while still controlling transit costs.

We can easily bring the entire line to the customer, neatly housed in a custom display cabinet. These cases contain everything the sales reps might need to provide a full experience. The monitors are mounted on subpanels for easy product updates; while three drawers hold projection and display equipment, controls and connectors, and a full array of printed materials. Legacy even thought to install a single, retractable power cord to avoid the unsightly mess of cables.

Because of their size, we are able to use these road cases in any setting. They fit through a standard door, and inside a New York elevator. They set up in 5-minutes instead of a half day. And we can count on a clean, professional appearance because each unit has a custom-fitted protective pad.

How have these cases impacted your demo process positively?
The response to the roadshow cases has been phenomenal, both from our internal staff and our customers. The sales staff loves the fact that they can roll them in place, and allow a customer to pick and choose from the full menu of options. And the drop door on the back allows them to troubleshoot and correct any issues in minutes. The customers really like being able to see and feel the whole picture, the emotional connection. And they appreciate the more complete education we are able to give them. Conceptually, the design was a great idea. And in practice, there is no downside to them. None at all. We could not be happier.

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