Monday, March 11, 2013

Spotlight on Legacy Fleet Maintenance

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Mike Quinn, Senior Vice President at Legacy, was recently interviewed by American Trucker magazine about Legacy’s preventive fleet maintenance program.

What is the primary focus of your business?
The primary focus of our business is servicing clients with specialized transportation and logistics needs, moving more into the world of providing full-service logistics solutions. We handle a lot of medical, aerospace, and tradeshow work. Our team is dedicated to one thing—absolute excellence in meeting customer needs.

How do you handle maintenance to minimize downtime? What are your mileage intervals for preventive maintenance?
The best way to minimize downtime is through preventive maintenance. Though DOT requires inspection at 180 days, Legacy adheres to an aggressive 90-day inspection schedule with 10,000-mi. service intervals.

How do you ensure good tire mileage?
First, we start with high-quality tires. We also rely on driver training, because even the best tires will give out if they’re not properly maintained. Each driver is issued a tire pressure gauge and instructed to check tire pressure every day to ensure proper wear. The end result has been fewer flats, longer mileage, and better fuel consumption.

To read the full article at American Trucker, click here.

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