Monday, March 25, 2013

Managing Your Exhibit Properties Online

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Did you know Legacy offers an exhibit inventory management program which allows you to manage all of your tradeshow properties stored at Legacy? This is a powerful collaborative system with access 24/7 from anywhere that allows you to organize your trade show schedules, properties, costs and other records; check on inventory availability; access historical information; meet multiple deadlines; track costs; order up shipments, etc.

You can include full descriptions and photos of each item in your current inventory. You can request Legacy to pull booth properties for shipping or inspection.

You can track all of your properties and the events they are currently being used at as well as events they may be scheduled for in the future. This eliminates the risk of the same properties being pulled for events occurring in the same time frame.

This software can be used as a tradeshow calendar with notifications to remind you of important show deadlines and shipping dates. You can place your shipping orders directly through this system. You can also use it as a budget tool to track your tradeshow spending.

Ask your account rep or customer service rep if you’d like more info, or contact us.

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