Monday, March 4, 2013

Helping Keep the Air Clean

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Legacy Green Initiatives

The State of California is the nation’s leader in developing clean air plans to attain air quality standards established under both the Federal and California Clean Air Acts.

Legacy works with CARB (California Air Resources Board) on not only complying with, but exceeding annual expectations of Particulate Matter, or noxious emissions. All of our equipment receives certified inspections every 90 days (federal law only requires this to be done every six months).

Legacy has over 140 pieces of equipment, and all are compliant, including all of our climate-controlled units, which are a mix of newly purchased trailers and upgraded existing trailers.

Legacy is purchasing new tractors instead of installing aftermarket emissions devices. In 2012 we added 8 new tractors. These Kenworth T660′s are some of the most aerodynamic, fuel efficient tractors available on the market today.

Legacy uses only Smart Way CARB compliant tires to further lower our greenhouse footprint.

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