Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Legacy’s Crating Solution Saves the Day!

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When transporting sensitive equipment, the most important thing to consider is the shock absorption, as well as the x, y, and z movement of the item in the crate.   

One such situation had Legacy redesigning crates to alleviate damage to the equipment and the systems inside.

The client’s previous crate design had shock absorption material built into the base pallet. When secured in the trailer, the x and y movement was inhibited, thus causing the system to move as a whole left and right, back and forth, inside the crate. With the oversized base, the crate would come away from the base pallet itself and the pallet would bend under the weight of the server rack system inside.

Our design has a floating base inside the crate. The racks are secured to this floating base, which allows for the appropriate protection and movement, while the crates are secured in the trailer. Additionally, Legacy’s new design allows for proper weight distribution and support across the base pallet.

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