Monday, January 25, 2016

Legacy Supports Dreamforce

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SaleForces’s Dreamforce event in the fall of 2015 was host to 160,000 registered attendees in San Francisco! Dreamforce has become the software industry’s monster event. It is so large that hotels were filled to capacity and large cruise ship, dubbed Dreamboat, was docked at the bay adding additional hotel rooms all of which were booked.

Legacy’s role included providing transportation and logistics support throughout the event – and to its various venues – Moscone Convention Center the primary location. Streets nearby were closed to traffic as they provided additional exhibit space and pedestrian walkways.


Legacy team reps were on hand before, during and after the event to assure smooth logistics and transportation processes for exhibits and properties key to the success of Dreamforce. More than 70 Legacy trailers and flatbeds were required to support the event.

Contact us for information on how we can help with your logistics projects, large or small.

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