Monday, January 11, 2016

Compliments to Legacy for Installation Project

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“I wanted to let you know that I received numerous compliments on the job that your guys did on the Summit, NJ project. Your project lead did a fantastic job as lead for the de-installation, the PIK and the delivery and rig today. All of this work was done in a busy Medical Arts building with very little parking or staging area and was done during a working clinic. Everyone of your guys were hardworking, respectful and very pleasant. I recognize all of the work behind the scenes that it takes to ensure that the drivers are coordinated, resources scheduled and all of the many small details attended to as well. Your entire team, including operations and customer support, as well as your drivers need a big thank you too!


Two different people came to me and expressed their sincere appreciation of the work your team did. In fact the physicist came to me today and said she was very impressed….. and … that means a lot! Thank you for your dedication to our company and our customers!”


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